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Traditional Aging


Authentic Dominican rum is made from pure sugar cane juice. 

That’s why all the premium rums offered at Casa Mamajuana use pure sugar cane juice and mature in authentic white oak barrels for up to 10 years.

Experience authentic, traditional premium rum in every sip.

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Authentic Mamajuana


Step back in time with Kalembu Mamajuana, the Dominican Republic’s authentic spirit. Rooted in the ancient traditions of the Taino people, this herbal elixir was crafted from twigs, bark, leaves, and herbs. 

Experience the mild, soothing, velvety flavor of Dominican culture.

Enjoy the original ready-to-drink Mamajuana. Kalembu Mamajuana blends authentic ingredients so you can experience the rich heritage and lasting spirit of the Dominican Republic in every sip.

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Authentic Mamajuana



When most people think of the tropics, they think of cocktails and fruits. 

So here at Casa Mamajuana we began to fuse the unique and diverse flavors of tropical fruits with our premium rums.

The result is a spectacular fusion of delicate fruity flavors with the depth velvety aged rum.

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